Playa Larga Cell Phone Cubacel | Mobile Phone Use Playa Larga Cuba

Playa Larga cellphone Cubacel

Playa Larga Matanzas Cuba Mobile phone network coverage is very good these days. Some areas of Playa Larga may offer limited coverage which includes remote beaches just off Giron but overall it’s good. Unless you use a US mobile operator it’s more than likely that you will be able to use roaming in Playa Larga but this can be expensive. Staying connected in Cuba at a better rate will mean obtaining a Cuba SIM Card throughout your stay. Using cell phones in Cuba and Playa Larga is then much like anywhere else in the world where you can purchase Cubacel prepaid SIM card and use this anywhere in Cuba. You can purchase these prepaid Cuba SIM cards at the offices below and also recharge the phone with credit at these locations. Also, many hotels and stores in Playa Larga offer prepaid recharge cards should you need to do this on the go. If you have a credit card there are often Cubacel double recharge offers but to obtain these you will need to go on the internet as they are never available directly at Cubacel Offices in Playa Larga Cuba.

GPRS, Mobile Internet & 3G connections can also be used in Playa Larga Cuba. Cuba offers mobile internet to cell phone users with almost 100% national coverage but, this is more expensive than you are accustomed to and the network can be slower in Playa Larga Cuba than other countries.

If you decide to take your own mobile phone to Playa Larga Cuba, please be aware that it will need to be unlocked and operate on the 900 to 1800 MHz GSM frequency. Almost all mobile phones produced since 2005 are quad band and as such will work but, please check your owner manual to avoid disappointment.

The following offices offer both local Cuban SIM cards and mobile recharges. The closest is actually in Playa Larga while other larger offices are in the town of Cienfuegos which is 119 km (74 miles) away.

CubaCEL Comercial Office – Playa Larga – Carretera Buenaventura, Entronque Playa Larga

Telepunto de Cienfuegos (WiFi & Internet) – Calle 31 e/ 54 y 56, Cienfuegos

Centro Multiservicios del Boulevard Av. 54 e/ 35 y 37, Cienfuegos

Centro Multiservicios de Aguada de Pasajeros – Maceo No. 66 e/ Agüero y Panchito Pérez, Aguada de Pasajeros

Etecsa Comercial Office Cruces – Esquerra No. 707 e/ Padre las Casas y Pepe Alemán, Cruces

Etecsa Comercial Office Cumanayagua – Cienfuegos e/ Orlando Gómez y Paraíso, Cumanayagua