Hotel Playa Larga Matanzas Cuba

Hotel Playa Larga Cuba

Hotel Playa Larga is an economical place to stay located on a million dollar beach. Yes, if you believe in the Location-Location adage for hotels then the Hotel Playa Larga ticks every box. The pristine white sand beach is to die for. The uncluttered beach area will have you felling that you’re the only person in the world who knew about Playa Larga. A far cry from Varadero, where each square meter of sand is commandeered by yet another tourist, Playa Larga is the perfect venue the “forget it all” attitude.

Hotel Playa Larga Matanzas

But it’s not all about the beach, bird-watchers love the Cienaga de Zapata biosphere reserve. Military enthusiasts visit the Bay of Pigs and Giron in their droves and, finally, there is something for those who enjoy diving & snorkeling.

The Hotel Playa Larga’s reception area & on-site restaurant are directly on the beach, so you can simply step outside to witness the most impressive views along with the cool ocean breeze.

Hotel Playa Larga Cuba

For some odd reason the hotel has its own swimming pool. This seems strange based upon the fact that the sea is almost always empty due to the fact that only you and a few other guests are staying on the whole 2km beach. Our hotel offers organized activities such as hiking, bird-watching & volleyball on the beach. The area is also ideal for snorkeling & scuba diving with particularly impressive cave diving just a few meters from the shore.
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